Monday, 15 December 2008

Yesterday was a really good first day.
We all woke up gradually, with some people affected by the 8 hour flight, some by the 3 hour time difference and some by the beer the night before.

After breakfast in the sun and writing a shopping list for supplies, we went off in our truck to an elephant orphanage, where we saw the baby elephants having their mud bath, followed by feeding time. Edward was SO exited that he managed to stroke one of the elephants.
From there, we went to see some giraffes that you could get really close to. Kellee (who we met after breakfast) got really up-close and personal with one of them!

We cooked out evening meal next to our truck and all sat round eating our food and enjoying our wine until late into the darkness.

We're all really exited, now that the truck is being packed-up and we'll be off on our travels very shortly.


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Adrift said...

That feeding elephant photo is so cute!