Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A relaxing day

Today all the families had a relaxing day, messing around and having fun.

All the kids: Amy, Ben, Luke, Eddy, Doug, Fern, Georgia and Daniel were making boats, putting messages in bowls and sailing them down the stream (we all thought it was fun.) We also soaked each other with a hose pipe which the truck was being washed with. That was fun too.

We went to a local market and bought fruit, veg, and I chose some dried fish which still had heads on. It tasted nice but not much meat! There was a big rubbish dump in the middle of the market with a lovely sunflower growing out of it. It was interesting because the market was so different to the markets in England and everyone was very friendly.

All the 7 adults, not including Japhet and Joseph, went to the bar and had cold drinks. All the 8 children had cold drinks like Fanta, Coke and Spar Letta as well. Some of us went to a gift shop and bought presents for other people.

When we all got back from what we had been doing we all had sausages, steak, carrots and egg fried rice (it was very nice but it was very hard to cut the steak which was very tough) but we all enjoyed it! After we had all eaten our meal we went to bed and went fast asleep.

By Amy Donaldson xxxx

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