Thursday, 25 December 2008

Nothing for miles on Christmas day

Today we woke up at 6.30 and it wasn't a normal Chritsmas because we had no presents and we were in Africa, but we had a Twix for breakfeast!!!

We packed our bags and left Japhet and Joeseph, because we were going in 4x4s to go to the serengeti, but 1 minute in, and not even in a game drive, we saw some elephants. And suprisingly it was a smooth road.

Half way there there was an amazing view. It was the crater. We were at 2500 metres and across it was 11 miles wide. The girraffe and the lepoard don't go down into the crater because there is no food and it is hard for the girraffe to get in and out because of their long legs.

Carrying on with the journey, we came accross a massive herd of zebra and wildebeast. They stay together because the zebra have got good eyesight and the wildebest have good sense of smell. There were 1000s of them.

Then it started to rain and our luck began to wear off to spot leopards and cheetahs. Then we crossed the lake and there was some hippos which was cool. Then we got to our camp site and set up the tents and are now relexing after a long journey.

And happy Christmas to everyone who is following the blog.

By Fern

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