Saturday, 13 December 2008

Just arrived!

We all surived the early start, the National Express coach from Woking, Heathrow Terminal 5, an 8 hour flight, immigration at Nairobi and a local taxi driver who seemed almost terminally laid back, with an unexplained manic grin.

11.55pm We're now sat round a table, outside the bar at Karen Camp, on the western outskirts, enjoying what seemes like a well earned beer. Kids are running around the gardens, eating crisps and getting told off by people tying to sleep. David just keeps repeating "more beer, more beer"!


Lil sis said...

Dave looks as handsome as ever !!!!

crackerboy said...


Going for the usual holiday piccy eh???!!!

sarah said...

David you've never looked better! you sexy beast , where's the carrier bag?