Thursday, 25 December 2008

Day 11- Daniel is in the Diary Room

Day 11 and it's our last day in Snake Park camp until we come back from the Serengeti and the Ngorogoro Crater. We will be leaving our ultra-cool drivers Japhet and Joeseph and taking 4x4 jeeps early tomorrow.

We visited Snake Park next to the camp and after looking at some nasty pictures of a snake eating a man whole on the python cage we (Eddie and I) arrived at the cage of the Black Mamba. The next cage had a snake and 3 live mice in it, but then the mice chased the snake away he obviously wasn't hungry yet as they were his next meal. Later we got a chance to hold snakes, crocodiles and tortoise. But when Luke had a turn the tortoise pooped on him.

Then we came back, we played until tea time whilst the parents had Christmas drinks in the bar.

Rob prepared a Christmas feast of BBQ turkey with stuffing,sausages and all the trimmings it was easily the best meal we have had all holiday. It was so good that we decided that Rob will have to not cook tea for three nights. (We are taking a cook on our trip!!)

After we ate it was time for the kids' concert and we sang a few of our favourite pop hits and a couple we made up ourselves which were apparently amazing.That's all for now, we would just like to wish all our friends and family a very merry Christmas. As you sit there tucking into your Christmas lunch we will be out game spotting in the Serengeti.

This is Daniel signing out.

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