Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Another glorious night in our tents at Karen Camp!  We all packed up, cool shower, treated the flea bites (picked up at hotel, previous night!) and we were ready to rock 'n' roll off to Tanzania.  Quick stop off at supermarket to purchase a turkey and sausages wrapped in bacon (at exorbitant cost) for our Christmas feast!  We hit the road and headed for the border, the tarmac road soon changed to dirt and before we knew it we were once again engulfed in clouds of dust and headed through numerous villages full of beaming children, bustling markets and docile donkeys and goats.  Four hours later, totally dishevelled with every orifice full of dust we arrived at the border.  We had a relatively hassle-free crossing and we arrived in Tanzania.  Unfortunately both Ben and Doug arrived with their first dose of African tum!

Our first impressions of Tanzania were: far less people and vehicles; very mountainous terrain; different style of huts from Kenya (round with thatched roofs); very red soil; but once again very welcoming people, waving and shouting from the roadside. 

We had a quick stop for lunch of dry sandwiches and delicious pineapple, a quick wee stop, where I managed to pee on Debs foot (I blame her entirely for being too close!) and we were off again.  The dry arid landscape turned to lush fertile soil as we neared Arusha – we arrived at the Snake Park just in time to pitch tents and head to the bar for G&Ts before sunset!

Not sure if they have been mentioned before, but we have two of the best drivers in Africa, Joseph (Kenyan) and Japhet (Tanzanian) – they have been fabulous and are wonderful with the kids, we are a big family group now.  We also have the coolest truck we’ve seen so far on our travels, everyone must be so jealous of us!

By Katie

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Lil sis said...

Hi Sam, Dave, Daniel, Georgia and everyone else. I hope you have a great christmas(Thanks for leaving us with the Wilson's for christmas again!!)It looks like your all having a ball, what a shame about Daves little illness(that poison's working that you gave rob to put in his food)
Lots of love
The Brammer's