Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Wonders of the ocean

is 6.00 in the morning and all the families, the Donaldson's, Andrews's and Heartly's are up, getting organised to go and swim in the sea with wild dolphins.

We're all up and organised and in a van driving to a snorkeling place to get a boat. We got our boat and set out to sea. We got to the dolphins and we leapt out of the boat to some incredible, once in a lifetime scenes, then had to keep jumping on and off the boat to catch up with them. In our last two snorkels we got so close. Literally in touching distance!! After dolphins we had brekfast.

we were looking forward to a dive.......

We arrived at the diving centre but it was too choppy. We would have to dive tomorrow. We couldn't get a cab, so we walked the 2km home. it was so hot walking home, that we all enjoyed a fantastic dip in the pool. The best part of the day was getting so close to the dolphins it was a great experience and we all enjoyed it.

The next day we all woke up at 6 to go on a boat to go scuba diving and Fern, Doug, Rob, Luke and Katie were going diving whilst everyone else was snorkeling. After we got our wetsuits, fins and snorkels on at Sau Inn Dive Centre, we set off and arrived at the place we were diving in the middle of the ocean.

First, the two instructors, Doug, Rob and Katie went in and went down for 30 minutes. When they came up, they said it was like being in a tropical fish tank. Debs was ill on the boat as she gets travel sick. She fed the fish!!!! Next it was Fern, Luke, Katie and Rob's go for diving and we went in again for 30minutes. We saw lobsters, a massive fish, amazing coral, sea snakes, angel fish, harent fish, Nemo fish clown fish. It was like being in Finding Nemo. When we were heading back we all took our wet suits off and Rob had a big rash and it could be a jelly fish then went back to coral rock. He had to go for an injection because it was itchy and his eyes were swollen.

By Doug, Ben, Luke, Fern, Eddie and Amy

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