Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Home again!

We awoke for the last time in Africa to the heat of a Dar es Saalam morning and a full English breakfast.

Rob had managed to check-in online last night and got the hotel to print our boarding cards for us, so that we could just drop our bags at check in. The minibus that collected us from the Blue Post Hotel was the nicest we had been in all holiday. For the first time, there was enough room for us AND our bags!

Some of us did some last miute shopping for (yet more) tat, or "curios" as the Africans refer to it before boarding our long flight home.

The wine flowed freely for some, while others took advantage of the film library, while others just slept. We even got offered two upgrade seats, but decided it was more fun travelling as one big group.

We are writing this on the National Express coach from Heathrow to Woking, having already said goodbye to the Scotts and the Heartleys at the airport. The troop is disbanding, but the memories will remain strong for many years.

Thank you all for following us on our travels. We've had an amazing time and hope you've enjoyed reading about it, too.

Rob, Deb, Katie, Greg, Paula, Sam, David, Doug, Ed, Ben, Luke, Amy, Fern, Daniel and Gergia.


Polly Hartley said...

I cannot believe that it's all over! Amazing, amazing time was had.... see you all soon P&F x

Anonymous said...

oh Guy's i can't believe its over! Its been actually gripping! I feel like i know you all now (i should point out i know Rob and Deb!). Jamie