Friday, 2 January 2009

The eventful morning after the night before

We all rose at varying times, depending on the level of alcohol intake the previous night. Had a hearty breakfast at Coral Rock of eggs, pancakes and fresh fruit.

Deb and Greg took the children on a long stroll on the beach. The tide was out so they walked quite a distance.... Saw a sea snake, lots of crabs and starfish. The kids loved bathing in the hot pools, but unfortunately Fern ended up being stung by something nasty in the water. Debs frog-marched her back to the pool, keeping her positive between sobs, bless! We considered a trip to the hospital but after washing the stings, applying vinegar, cortezone cream and anti-histamines, she made a swift recovery and was in the pool within an hour!!!

The Scotts left for Echo Beach just after lunch and the rest of us just played around the pool and snoozed on loungers. The ladies had a massage from the local village women, who were a little rough with their sand-paper hands....ouch! Polly had a couple of henna tatoos and is now believing she belongs in Zanzibar!

We had a tasty dinner in the restaurant in the evening, a few beers, wines, game of cards and had an early(ish) night.

By Polly

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Anonymous said...

Rob, I am read out, when is the next installment?