Monday, 5 January 2009

Coral Rock aka Fawlty Towers

Well, what can we say? We have spent the last two days bemused and confused but with plenty of giggles. The question is: do you want the story of three hour wait for 10 portion of chips, Katie and the red wine, The fruit salad saga or how many hours can you spend waiting for food?

Our accommodation is basic, hot water is... variable. Anyway, we are here to immerse ourselves in the turquoise tropical fish tank spanning the horizon.

We did a deal with Captain Chicken for a snorkelling trip. Of course, like most things in Africa, things are not as they seem. We walked straight out from our resort now known as Zanzibar Towers (part of the Fawlty Towers hotel group). We hopped on a traditional local tri maran. We tacked our way up to the snorkelling site. Wow, it was awsome. Starfish, sea anenomies and tropical fish galore, including some weird sea snails that squirmed into a ball. The only dodgy part was the leaky snorkel and masks, but hey everyone enjoyed it.

Everyone is now pretty horizontal here. Just chilling.

By Deb and Greg

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Anonymous said...

Please can we have the story of the 3 hour CHIPS PLEASE!!!!