Saturday, 20 December 2008

Travel, lions and "goulash"

Yesterday was a travelling day. We all really enjoyed our time at Fisherman's Camp. Some were kept awake by the growling/groaning noises of the Hippos, who came to graze every night, others were oblivious until they went to the toilet in the night and saw them, just a few metres from the tents.

We packed up and headed off, first to Narok for supplies, where Rob insisted on buying half a goat from a tiny butcher:
Rob - "What meat do you have?"
Butcher - "Goat."
Rob - "OK, we'll have goat."
Then we carried on to Acacia Camp in the Masai Mara.

After the men finished preparing the goat curry, we all got back in the truck to look for lions. We were not disappointed. Joseph and Jaffad (our drivers) managed to get us within 5 metres of a family of lions that were sunbathing in the evening sun. How fantastic!

Back at the camp, the Masai chef, who was cooking for the truck next to ours, proclaimed our curry to be "a goulash". That didn't stop most of us having three helpings, though!

Early to bed, in preparation for our 6 o'clock start in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Hello africans,
am readding your blog, seems to be fun, looking forward to seeing photos (different than the usual one :dav and his beer.
lov u all