Monday, 24 November 2008

Somewhere between nervous and excited

There are now less than 3 weeks to go, before we set off on our trip. We know that we've got most of the major stuff (although the Malaria tablets are still work-in-progress) and we are all starting to wonder if we need "anything else".

David wants to buy a tent with integrated plumbing (he's obviously intending to employ a porter, too), Paula seems to be unsure how many bikinis would be appropriate and Rob wants to pack gaffer-tape and the whole contents of his local Millets shop.

In common with the rest of the girls, Deb seems intent on writing lists and having a pre-packing session, to make sure it all fits in the bags.

We will probably all find that we only pack half the stuff we've thought of, and find that we only actually use half of what we take!

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Famille Didier said...

Hello the Scott and the other travellers,

Sam you MUST write in french too to improve your almost, perfect french !!!!

Have a good trip and think of us !

Today we have snow, aroud 15 cm and it's still snowing !!!!
We can ski in Aiglun, a new international ski resort !